March 3, 2008

Fishing Report: February 2008

Well, what can we say? The fishing has been great, and our season is proving to be as good as last year, with a number of guests returning to the challenge of our flats.

It may be an anomaly, but it appears that our bonefish are slightly bigger than last year. See this photo of Mango Creek Lodge guide Perry with a nice bonefish caught by guest Chuck Hornor.

Photo of Mango Creek Lodge guide Perry holding a bonefish
At the same time Chuck was visiting, Joe Pozzi and Wally Filkins from Chicago joined us for some spin fishing. Tie-Tie, their enthusiastic guide, put them on a number of species. These included two permit, one grouper (30 lbs), snook, snapper, bonefish, and even small sharks. Their stay also included a trip to Guanaja, where they managed to land 12 to 15 bonefish.

Weather at this time of year includes trade winds that at times make it more difficult for the fly fisherman. However it is unusual for the wind to persist for more than a few days. For the experienced fisherman, this is not an issue.

This is a picture of Chuck. He really doesn't like getting sunburned. He reported that bonefish were present in great numbers, that they were not "spooky," and that he caught more than 30 during his stay!

Photo of Chuck holding a bonefishHe's coming back ...

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